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The History Of The Lincoln Motor Company

The Lincoln Motor Company, before what it is today, was founded back in 1917 by a man by the name of Henry Leland. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Leland also was a founder of the Cadillac brand, as well. He established the Lincoln Motor Company and named it after his hero, former President Abraham Lincoln. Not long after, the company faced difficulties.

The Ford Motor Company, founded back in 1903 by Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan, came upon difficult times in the 1920s as well, competing against brands like General Motors. The Ford Model T was quickly going out of style, and the stylish, new Model A was introduced, closely resembling the look of a Lincoln vehicle. In fact, it was nicknamed the “baby Lincoln.”

With an already established connection between the two automotive brands, Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, decided to acquire the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, creating a luxury division for the carmakers. In the 1930s, the Lincoln Zephyr model was introduced, seemingly created after the Burlington Zephyr express train that was introduced in 1934. Later in the decade, the Lincoln Continental was debuted, which was an incredibly stylish car that became a flagship model for the brand for decades to come, even good enough for President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s.

"Lincoln Zephyr V12 1936" by​ Sicnag​ -​ Lincoln Zephyr V12 1936​ Uploaded by​ OSX. Licensed under​ CC BY 2.0​ via​ Wikimedia Commons.
Model after model, Lincoln has become a classic, luxurious brand with plenty to offer today’s buyer. We here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln sure are proud to be a part of the Lincoln Motor Company family.
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